Miami Drug Rehab

A Miami drug rehab program could be the right choice for those struggling with a drug or alcohol substance use disorder. There are plenty of options when it comes to drug rehab, including inpatient drug rehabs that are out-of-state, which offer a change of scenery and could be conducive to lasting recovery.

Once substance abuse has taken hold of you, it can become exceedingly difficult to break its hold. However, drug addiction is a far more manageable problem if identified early and you seek help before the ravages of extended abuse begin to manifest. Invariably, this involves enrolling in some form of drug abuse treatment program.
Of course, each substance will affect the body and mind differently, and because of this, treatment will vary. The methods of treatment for opioids are different than the treatment methods for amphetamines, which in turn are different than treatment for alcoholism. Moreover, the different degrees of drug abuse, as well as the risks of dependency, will vary not only from substance to substance but person to person as well.

If you suffer from any kind of chemical dependency, you should not feel shame or that you must solve it alone. Treatment may take different forms, but whether you require the monitoring of inpatient drug abuse treatment or an outpatient drug rehabilitation program, it is vital that you speak with qualified professionals. An open discussion about your symptoms and the substances you use can help our addiction specialists to come up with a plan for treatment that is likely to be successful. For details and guidance in figuring out what addiction treatments best serve your needs, call our addiction specialists today at (866) 267-7134.

Inpatient substance abuse treatment

Inpatient drug treatment is the most intensive kind and involves strict and secure monitoring of the addict until he or she is able to be reintroduced to scenarios where relapse is a risk. These programs generally begin with drug detox where the client is kept safe and secure while the abused substance runs its course through their system. Here, non-addictive medications may be prescribed to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

After the withdrawal process in completed, other treatments will commence. Behavioral therapy supervised by professionals as well as group therapy will allow you to examine your issues with addiction so that further treatment can best be administered. You will be encouraged to form support groups with your peers and will be aided when treatment becomes difficult. With help, you can learn coping mechanisms to help you overcome cravings and learn to identify the triggers in your life that may bring about a relapse. By talking out your issues and sharing your experiences in group therapy sessions, you can develop a social network dedicated to helping you stay clean and take a proactive measure in becoming sober. Family and friends may be involved in the addiction recovery to help heal wounds, strengthen bonds, and learn the skills to be an effective support system for you.

Once you have completed your drug and alcohol inpatient treatment, you may be transferred to a sober living home to continue your treatment and prepare you for reintegration as a sober member of society. You may also begin outpatient treatment, which will further provide tools to make sure that you stay clean while returning to work or school. For more information about inpatient drug rehabilitation, call our addiction specialists today at (866) 267-7134.

Outpatient substance abuse treatment

Outpatient drug rehabilitation is best suited for those who struggle with addiction but can still manage the responsibilities in their life. This does not mean the addiction issues of those who choose outpatient treatment are less important. Put simply, the most appropriate program may not require care that’s as intensive as that provided in an inpatient program.

Outpatient drug treatment allows you to live at home and work or go to school while receiving the care and treatment you need to become sober. While in an outpatient substance abuse program, you will live at home and receive treatment from qualified professionals at an external location. The behavioral therapy strategies of outpatient treatment mirror those of inpatient treatment.

Once you have successfully completed the outpatient drug abuse program, they will provide follow-up services so that you can maintain accountability with the assistance of support groups while you continue the recovery process and remain sober. Call (866) 267-7134 today to speak with qualified Addiction Specialists about outpatient programs and options for substance abuse in Miami.

Sober living homes

Sober living homes are somewhat of a middle point between inpatient drug rehab and outpatient drug abuse programs. This form of treatment generally occurs after successfully completing an inpatient drug rehabilitation program and involves living in a residential setting where you can still be monitored and receive less intensive care. Sober living homes provide the opportunity to reintegrate into society slowly as you learn to cope with the responsibilities of everyday life while remaining sober.

Although there are strict regulations for residing in a sober living home, you will be able to go to work or school without restriction. You will be given the opportunity to form relationships with the other residents and provide one another with the support necessary to ensure successful recovery. Sober living homes may offer services to help you obtain employment and lodging once you are ready. To learn more, call our addiction specialists at (866) 267-7134 and begin your addiction treatment today.

Planning for treatment

While it is vital that you seek drug treatment for your addiction as soon as possible, it can be equally important to plan this process ahead of time. Analyzing your specific living circumstances can ensure that you identify potential obstacles ahead of time so that they do not present a pitfall later on down your road to recovery.

Two of the most common difficulties encountered when seeking addiction treatment are money and logistics. Insurance may cover your drug abuse treatment, but if not, we can work with you to try and find sliding scale or payment plan opportunities. Furthermore, we will also work with you to ensure that the affairs of your daily life are in order and allow your journey to sobriety to be as successful as possible. Simply call us at (866) 267-7134, and our addiction specialists will help you find the drug rehab program that serves you best.

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