Miami Substance Abuse Treatment

A high-quality Miami substance abuse treatment program can address several types of addiction. Whether it’s addiction to alcohol, stimulants, opioids, or benzodiazepines, the right addiction treatment facility can help. However, for those seeking a change of scenery, there are plenty of out-of-state options that would provide the same level of care.

Substance abuse and addiction can be difficult to overcome alone, which is why getting professional help is recommended. Addiction is classified as a disease, and it can only be treated by entering into an outpatient or inpatient program designed to give people the tools and resources to stay clean. Call us if you need help finding the right program for substance abuse in Miami.

No matter which substance you’ve become addicted to, it’s important that you seek alcohol abuse treatment or drug treatment as soon as possible. Otherwise, the damage done to yourself and those around you can become quite severe. The path toward drug addiction recovery or alcohol addiction recovery isn’t an easy one, but it will allow you to imagine a life without harmful substances. As is the case with all other diseases, substance abuse and addiction interrupt the healthy functions of your organs. While this doesn’t necessarily cause major damage to your body in the short term, getting substance abuse treatment as soon as possible may help prevent long-term consequences.

People take alcohol and drugs for any number of reasons, from dulling the pain of a recent injury to calming nerves and anxiety. Some even take drugs simply because of the thrill and high that the substances provide. Whatever the reason, once substance abuse turns into a full addiction, it can be very hard to stop. Even when your addiction is causing pain to yourself and those closest to you, you may disregard these issues because of the changes to your brain that have adversely affected your judgment and decision making.

When you realize that you need assistance and would like to undergo drug rehab in Miami, we can help you make sure that the program includes alcohol or drug detoxification. While detox will get you through the initial problems that result from quitting drugs or alcohol, you’ll still need to go through additional behavioral therapies — such as individual therapy and group counseling — if you wish to make your recovery a lasting one. Call our addiction specialists now at (866) 267-7134 to take a look at all of your treatment options.

Common signs of addiction

There is a myriad of signs that can point toward addiction. It’s recommended that you be on the lookout for several of these signs at once. If you’ve been taking a prescribed medication, it’s possible that your body has become dependent on this medication in order to function properly, so always be aware of some of the more telltale signs.

Behavioral changes and sudden mood swings are common. These changes can occur without any warning. When a person begins to lose interest in the hobbies and interests that they’ve enjoyed for years, this may be a sign that dependence and addiction to a substance is beginning to set in. A general increase in anxiety and agitation is also a typical indicator. One of the more apparent signs of addiction comes in the form of a basic disregard for personal hygiene.

A person who has become addicted to a drug or alcohol may also stop paying attention to close friends and family members, which can cause a strain in relationships. Above all, someone who is dependent on drugs will need a continual fix of the substance in question. This can result in daring risk-taking behavior in the form of stealing money or falsifying prescriptions. Be on the lookout for any of these signs and call our addiction specialists at (866) 267-7134 if you suspect you have a problem with addiction and wish to look at your options for recovery.

Admitting that you require substance addiction treatment

Once you’ve admitted that you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, it may be time to enter into a treatment facility to start your path to recovery. However, actually admitting that you’ve become powerless to your addiction is a very difficult thing to do. Everyone has pride, and no one wants to believe that they have no control over their life. It must be done if you ever want to recover. If you don’t admit that you’ve become addicted, the problem may only get worse for you and those around you.

Overcoming your addiction for good is possible with the right treatment. We want to help you on your path to lasting sobriety and a life without substance abuse. Call our addiction specialists now at (866) 267-7134 to obtain more details about substance abuse treatment options in the local area and out-of-state.

How to seek substance abuse help

The first thing you’re going to want to do is find a program for alcohol or drug detox. These programs allow you to safely progress through the withdrawal symptoms that you’ll experience when you stop using the substance you’re addicted to. While these symptoms — such as headaches, irritation or insomnia — are usually unpleasant, they are mitigated in severity through the usage of a drug or alcohol detox program in Miami. Most drug rehabilitation programs monitor the detox process 24/7 and administer medication to ease the withdrawal symptoms.

Rehabilitation programs can be provided through either inpatient or outpatient drug abuse treatment. The former of these places the individual in a residential facility where they stay for a period of anywhere from 30 days to more than a year to recover from their addiction. Outpatient addiction treatment is specifically designed to assist those who can’t take extended breaks from their family, school or work in order to recover. In this event, the individual attends treatment at a facility for a couple of hours several days each week. The option that works best for you depends on your exact needs. We can help you identify what type of program may work best for you.

Our experienced addiction specialists can answer any question you have about addiction treatment. Just call us today at (866) 267-7134 to get in touch and learn more about your options for recovery. We’ll be with you every step of the way.


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